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Where I Rationalize My Crush on Seth Fornea ♥… sorta

Hi, my name is Jayden and I have a massive crush on Seth Fornea. I’ve thought about the why’s and I think I’ve figured it out. I’m a ginger… and when I was growing up… it was not thought upon as a positive. The Mexican side of the family thought my coloring was ugly and it really shaped how I viewed myself… until I got boobs. Ahem, the power of red hair and boobs. *sigh* Pardon me while I recall my hot chica days.

Anyway, my point is that it’s wonderful for me to see how ginger coloring is now widely thought upon as a point of favor. Don’t get me wrong, I’m as shallow as the next person when I’m lusting after Seth, *swoon* The man is quite simply divine. But when I look at him, once I get past objectifying his hot bod, I feel a sense of comfort. He soothes little girl Jayden – Red headed step-child extraordinaire.

I recently read an article on how Ginger coloring is being bred out of society, and it made me incredibly sad. The freckles, red hair and blue eyes… I’m being slowly fazed out of existence. Obsolete? Noooo! The man in question made a comment about how when women are selecting prospective mates to procreate with – they tend to avoid ginger colored males as they don’t want to perpetuate the gene. He’d even had women tell him this. Really? Can I bitch slap someone? You look at this man and don’t think, “I want your babies!” No accounting for taste or class. Well, I am proud to announce that I made a beautiful ginger darling, (sadly, without Seth’s assistance) who will hopefully one day, beget another (in the far, far distant future).

This lovely creature is coming to my Chicago, he will be within viewing distance, and dancing at Market Days – where I have plans to attend. Omygerd! Heart palpitations. I doubt I’ll get a chance to hit the venue where he’ll be live and in the flesh… I doubt my suburban Nana vibe would get me past the bouncers. *hangs head* But I will certainly be watching for him and Jared – hopefully I’ll get lucky, and they’ll be strolling hand and hand down the six block stretch of North Halsted Street. ♥

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