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Parting Shot by Mary Calmes

Five Star Rating Clip Art

Parting Shot by Mary Calmes eBook

I’m not going to do this book any justice, but I wanted to share what I thought after reading it. A-Ma-ZING!! Okay, sure, I’m a huge Mary Calmes fan – no apologies. She’s an auto-buy for me – I don’t even have to read the blurb to know I’m gonna buy it. But this one… I was waiting for it, yearning for it, and it was worth every second.

This is the last book in the A Matter of Time series. *Sobs* But if you are a die hard fan, like I am (Hint: Acrobat and Mine), you’ll see she ends a series, intersects books – and gives you a sneaky gift at the same time! Woot!

Aaron and Duncan are an amazing pairing. I never would have expected it to work the way it did. I adore them. And before you even begin to wonder – NO… Jory is not here. Anywhere! He’s mentioned a few times, but that’s it folks. He stayed home and this is all about Aaron and Duncan – finding their way out of the closet, through some bad guys, and falling in love. If you’re like me, you love how she writes possessive, territorial, alpha males – Mary delivered the goods once again. Tummy tingling yummy! The nookie scenes were out of this world good. *fans self* The HEA was fantastic. This book is heading straight to my comfort food shelf. Highly Recommended.