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The Broken Series by Kol Anderson

Five Star Rating Clip Art

The Broken Series by Kol Anderson

PrisonerThese two books are not sweet and fuzzy romance. This is dark erotica, heavy BDSM, Torment. It’s been a while since I’ve read this type of book – mostly because they became predictable. They were too dark, you never felt a connection with the villain/s or the torture was so unrelenting that all glimmer of hope was extinguished. You were left no reason to continue caring.

So these books had me breaking all sorts of rules. I got the first book, The Prisoner, and took a peek, I was just going to read a few paragraphs to get a sense of the authors style… next thing I know it’s 3 am – and I’m scrambling to find the next episode. THIS IS A SERIES! I grab book two, Hell and Beyond and read straight through to dawn. And I’m pris2chomping at the bit for more.

This author is completely new to me and I found his writing style gritty and evocative and erotic and amazing. He isn’t dabbling in BDSM… the man know’s the psychological triggers behind it, and shows it in all its disturbing splendor.

Every time I’m certain I have a fix on who’s pulling the strings or how much I loathe Vince… I find myself hesitating with my final judgement. On one hand the torture is unrelenting, but you’d get a glimpse, an insight to keep you plodding along… hoping. It’s beautiful, how the writer’s lured me into feeling stirrings of sympathy and empathy for Vince.

Aaron… oh Aaron. I can only imagine how easy it would have been to give in and write Aaron as weak and mindless. Not done here. His inner dialogue… fantastic.

I can say, without hesitation that I highly recommend these books to those who are prepared for the dark content. Rape/Non-Con/Torture

Amazon Purchase Link: http://www.amazon.com/The-Prisoner-BROKEN-ebook/dp/B00DAI2Z6Q/ref=cm_pdp_rev_itm_img_2

Amazon Purchase Link: http://www.amazon.com/Hell-and-Beyond-Broken-ebook/dp/B00DW9PVTG/ref=cm_pdp_rev_itm_img_1

Cowboy Waltz by Cameron Dane

Four Star Rating Clip Art

I love Cameron Dane, I’m a huge fan. I have read every book I could get my¬†hands on and devoured and cherished them all.

The pacing was perfect. We meet Booker at 19 and he spends the next four years growing up. We see bits and pieces of Booker as he matures and struggles to hide his feelings for Jed. I think this was handled beautifully. Jed beginning to feel tingles of awareness of Booker was also lovely and exciting.

I don’t usually dissect a book when I review, but this one has me trying to identify why I didn’t fall head over heels for this book. I love angsty reads, if it makes me cry my tush off then it’s practically a shoe in for my comfort food shelf. This book made me cry, ugly cries – a few times! Buuuut… *shrugs* I get that Jed had to face some really tough truths about himself – that would knock anyone on their ass. I agree everyone reacts differently to scary shit. Yet I had a hard time with how Jed went from alpha strong guy to needy and tragic. I got tired of the storm/black clouds metaphor and wanted to shake Jed and tell him to get a grip, and pull up his big boy pants. Which is awful, cause I’m normally the most sympathetic person you’ll meet.

Booker though, gosh, I think I’m in love with him. To watch him grow and mature, handle some tough kicks and to keep going after Jed, his love – was wonderful. He learned to be strong when Jed could not, he tried to always put what was best for Jed first – even when he didn’t have enough experience to know the right course. There is nothing sexier than watching someone do what needs to be done, even when it hurts. In the end love does conquer all and I loved the rock solid HEA.